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"The online game parent guardianship project for juveniles" is jointly initiated and participated in by domestic online game companies. It is under the guidance of the Cultural Ministry of the People’s Republic of China. It aims to strengthen parental supervision of juveniles in online games and guide the health internet behaviors of juveniles. Green participation in online games, and social behaviors of harmonious family relationships, it provides a practical method, a channel for parents to implement monitoring, making it possible for parents to correct some of the underage children addicted to the game.
 This social charity action fully reflects the high sense of social responsibility in China’s online game industry,the concern for the legal rights of underage players and the desire to create a harmonious society with practical actions.
"Parent Guardianship Mechanism" is "in-service". In this charity operation, the lack of self-control and self-discipline for the current juveniles is easy to fall into; some guardians lack time to take care of juveniles and cannot supervise juveniles' playing period. The status and the introduction of a monitoring mechanism that can be implemented by parents to correct some of the underage children’s addiction on games.

"Juveniles' Health Participation In Online Game Tips"

With the popularity of the Internet among teenagers, it has become common for juveniles to access online games. In order to protect the health of juveniles from participating in the game, under the premise that the government further strengthens industry management, parents should also strengthen supervision and guidance. To this end, we provide the following opinions for juveniles to participate in online games: First, actively control the game time. The game is just an adjustment of learning and life. It is necessary to actively participate in various activities offline and let parents understand their behavior and experience in online games.
 Second, do not participate in game settings that may take more time. Do not play large-scale role-playing games, and do not play games with PK-type settings. School students do not play more than 2 hours per week, spending less than 10 yuan per month in the game.
Third, do not put the game as a spiritual sustenance. In particular, when faced with pressure and frustration in real life, it is important to communicate with family and friends more than ever. Do not rely solely on games to relieve stress.
 Fourth, develop a positive and healthy game mentality. Overcome comparisons, show off, hate and revenge, and avoid the formation of bad cyberbullying habits such as bullying, robbing others.
Fifth, pay attention to protecting personal information. Including personal family, friend identification information, family, school, unit address, telephone number, etc., to prevent network traps and cybercrime.

Parental Care Service Description:

The parental guardianship system fully takes into account the actual needs of parents. When parents find that their children are too addicted to playing games, parents provide legal guardian qualification certificates, game name accounts, and parents’ wishes to limit their strength. The game addiction account takes several restrictive measures to solve the undesirable phenomenon of juvenile addictive games, such as limiting the time interval and length of the juvenile’s daily playing games, and also restricting only the holidays to be able to play, or completely forbidden.  Parental care service progress inquiry:
 If you have already applied for parental care service, during your service, when you have questions about the information you need to submit, the results, or any other questions, you can contact us at work time. We will provide the customer support service, or cooperate consultation and guide you to solve the problems.

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Anti-addiction Parental Monitoring System FAQ

Q: Through what channels did you apply for parental supervision of a juvenile account?
A: The account owner must be under 18 years old.
Q: What are the requirements for applying for an oversight account?
A: You can apply by telephone feedback and fax.
Q: What do I need to provide for supervising a juvenile account?
A: You need to provide a copy of the guardian's ID card, a copy of the account holder's ID card,a copy of the account book, and a guardianship certificate from the public security authority.

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