Expansion Of Market Channels (3 Employees)

Job Responsibilities:

1,Responsible for the expansion and access of mobile game products in various marketing channels;

2,Responsible for the operation and settlement of mobile game promotion channels;

3, Have a more in-depth understanding of the mobile game market,more understanding of the user's real needs, analysis of consumer behavior;

4,Responsible for the game development team to carry out game product development and positioning, and be able to propose game improvement programs through user habits and channel promotion suggestions;


1,Love mobile games field, strong desire to study new things;

2,More than one year related work experience in related industries;

3,With strong business development capabilities, sensitive market sense;

  1. ‧Mobile Game Planning (2 recruits)
  2. ‧Mobile Games Art (5 people)
  3. ‧Transplant Engineer (5 recruits)
  4. ‧Development Engineer (4 people)

Please fill in the relevant information on the contact page and attach your resume,or email to: