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  • Game name Happy mango rushes forward
  • Game type board game
  • Game price 50 INR
  • Game size 33.9M

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Happy mango rushes forward

Game type: board game

System requirements:Android2.1 or higher

Version no:1.0

Size :33.9M M

The game is introduced: happy mango forward is a 2 d horizontal version run cool hand, on the basis of ordinary parkour combines BOSS war mode, special combat model, change model, the game is no longer a single run. Rich game gave parkour is full of challenge, funny role modelling for players to experience the atmosphere relaxed and happy game, changeful suit for players to dress up out of their own style, "happy without limit" happy family experience together with you forward infinite pleasure!


1. Novel game mode2. Easy to use

Compatible model:

Android mobile phone