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  • Game name The national education committee
  • Game type puzzle games
  • Game price 50 INR
  • Game size 17.4M

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The national education committee

Game type: puzzle games

System requirements:Android2.1 or higher

Version no:1.0

Size :17.4M M

The game is introduced: did you see the monotonous and boring books and boring test paper on the head of the students? All say games are poison, teenagers are said to play games can't learn knowledge, to see this kind of "the national education committee", even if you are an educated, cognitive talent that can trigger. This game is unique, with more than 4000 questions to stimulate your every nerve, interspersed with a variety of interesting play, can learn a lot every play it again, if the school is so interesting!! Let's use our brains, class.


1. Beautiful scene 2. Rich content

Compatible model:

Android mobile phone