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  • Game name Pick up money while walking
  • Game type puzzle games
  • Game price 50 INR
  • Game size 15.5M

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Pick up money while walking

Game type: puzzle games

System requirements:Android2.1 or higher

Version no:1.0

Size :15.5M M

The game is introduced: "walk while picking up money" is a casual puzzle game, players need to do is click on the pick up money scattered in every corner of the map, although the game seems simple but very challenging. The operation of the game is very simple, very fast, is a game to play at any time and place. Colorful images, the style of pure and fresh, relaxed and cheerful music, sound effects, the difficulty of extremely simple mode of operation, do not break challenging design, suitable for different age groups and different levels of the game players, absolutely different fault and the latest play lianliankan game.


1 colorful pictures and extremely simple operating mode, the game is very easy to use 2 challenge test user insight the hottest game 3 14 popular tourist cities in the world as a background map 4 each has a different dynamic effect in five levels of scatte

Compatible model:

Android mobile phone