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  • Game name Bottle cap removed
  • Game type eliminate games
  • Game price 50 INR
  • Game size 17.3M

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Bottle cap removed

Game type: eliminate games

System requirements:Android2.1 or higher

Version no:1.0

Size :17.3M M

The game is introduced: bottle cap elimination is a kind of mental exercise elimination puzzle leisure game, now android version of the storm has hit. Your task is to remove the wine bottle caps that are attached to the color. Click on two or more of the same stars to remove them. 1. The more bottle caps you remove at the same time, the higher your score will be. 2. The fewer bottle caps are left, the more rewards will be given. You need to think carefully before you can get a higher score. 4. Carefully adjust the target score of each level to make it more challenging.


1. Rich content 2. Beautiful pictures

Compatible model:

Android mobile phone